Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 148

1. Forest-ing. Not really hiking, but not really a walk. I just needed some forest exploring time and we happen to have a pie wedge plot of forest. So I clambered up and down our "cliff" and walked a bit on the flatland... I even surprised a deer. It felt good. If I had all the time in the world, this would have a nice little jogging path running through it....
2. Hanging out with Scott & Juli. Scott came out for a few minutes to sit on the lawn. 
3. Dinner prep - Sam P, Tyler, Andrew and Mom
4. Meringues - Lemon in the back and "Russian Pavlovas" in the front. And oh my, do I love Russian pavlovas... they are basically cardamom whipped cream on top of meringue. I've just discovered cardamom in desserts and it is fascinating.
5. what else? Church! and playing with one very so-tired-he-laughed-at-everything baby. Hanging out with the Paynes.

And an update on Scott -
Scott is looking amazingly better. He can move much more naturally and his face just looks so much more relaxed - not the slight grimace it has been for months. It's going to take a while to recover of course, but the pain is manageable now in a way that it wasn't before. And he can sit down again! I don't think he's sat down for 2-3 months. Poor guy. We are praying that the healing process would be smooth and complete!

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Leah V. said...

Ohh! Good to see a picture of Scott smiling! Let him know we're still thinking and praying about him! :)