Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Voodoo. Shopping. And Donuts.

Today I got a chance to meet up with my good friend Laura. Our first stop was Voodoo Donuts. I hadn't been to one before and wanted to know what the excitement was about. When we got there, there was about 20 people standing outside in the rain in line. So glad I grabbed the umbrella last minute! Once it was finally our turn, I ordered a selection to share with the fam (and one for me to eat right then and now, of course!) Laura and I then had fun wandering around downtown Portland. Browsed a rich shop, a toy shop, a craft shop, a book shop, thrift shop, admired the library's architecture, and got some culture looking at this exhibition at the library. It was a fabulous afternoon.

Here are the Voodoo donuts in all their glory. The one on the left with the green squiggles is the voodoo doll donut. The donut with cereal on top is the Captain My Captain donut with Captain Crunch topping. It was actually a lot better then I thought it was going to be! I think my favorite tuned out to be the Portland Cream (Chocolate frosting with Bavarian filling). Mmm.

California and Christmas

So finally back to blogging. December was an adventure of different-ness this year. I got the glorious stomach flu right along with most of the family before we planned to leave for California. Which meant not much happened in the way of decorating or shopping. I think we were just lucky to get a tree!

Our trip to California was a success. Well, kind of. Despite our best attempts to not get sick in California, the people who hadn't go the stomach flu still got sick. And I won't bother you with all the gory details, cause I'm just that nice. During part of our trip we house sat a residence that had been decorated in the 1950's and never updated. I have a special post dedicated to it forming in my mind. We did have fun visiting with family and with the Walkers! Unforntunately I hardly got any photos of hanging out with family as the camera seemed to keep disappearing, but we did get a couple of pretty nice group shots.

On the left we are having our week early Christmas dinner with my grandparents and on the right we are pictured with the Walkers.

Christmas was a success, if you define it by good gifts, good food and good family and friends. I told some of my brothers to NOT wake me up in the morning, but at 6:15 one of my lovely brother's alarm went off (accidentally, I like to think). I was not pleased. *Picture Grumpy Sara Face here.* But there was no way I could go back to sleep right away so I got up with the brothers who were up and watched them open their stockings. We also opened presents (One of my favorites was a fondue pot from my brothers!) and had a delicious breakfast. Later in the day (after some much needed naps) we headed to a friend's house to eat food and play games.

On Monday we visited the Grotto. I had never been there and now I definitely want to go back when it's Spring-y or Summer-y. Our church choir sang in the Chapel as part of the Grotto's Festival of Lights and it was a lovely way to end the Christmas season!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookies and Cooking

Today Anna and I baked cookies in honor of St. Nicholas day. Jacob didn't get to help make them (he was folding laundry and doing chores) but he and Anna both got to cut them out. It was going to be one batch of cookies, but after making the first batch I realized that I had made the wrong recipe for rolled cookies. So, we started over again. What a shame. ;) More cookie dough to eat!

Sonya peaked in for a very candid shot. Not sure what Jacob was thinking in this shot. Hopefully Sonya will forgive me for including a picture of her...

I also made Pioneer Woman's recipe for Acorn Squash.

My friend, Agata, had posted about it on Facebook about a month ago and I finally made it. It was delish. I forgot until after I had made it that Agata suggested using only half the sugar. I did the full amount, and yes, it tasted like desert!