Monday, January 13, 2014


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Too much

Today I was a little exhausted. I think over Friday and Saturday I did too much. Friday I had four outings! First was toastmasters, then the functional neurologist, then the acupuncturist and then finally a bridal shower in the evening. Whew. On Saturday I was tempted to do too many things in an effort to cross things off my list so that by today I was definitely tired and even feeling a little dizzy. After church we had about 25 people over for Daniels 17th birthday, and approximately half of those seemed to be teenagers. It was loud!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shopping and spending

Jacob (his shoes pictured above, photo by the man himself), mums and I all bought new shoes today. It was a win win win shopping trip, so yay Jesus. The gal who took my feet measurements confessed to being a little perplexed about my true foot size as my feet are narrow and my arches are long and start at different lengths. And this is why I hate shoe shopping. I forgot to ask her how narrow my feet were now; they used to be a 4A which is pretty crazy and made my 9-9 1/2 sized feet look deceptively tiny. We used to call them "hot dog" feet. 

In other news, I finally bought a purse. The last one I bought 3-4 years ago while we were waiting to stand in line for a Pioneer Woman book signing. So yes, it was looking a little sad. I settled on a sensible brown one, but I may throw caution to the wind and go back and get the tourquoise one instead. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dear friend

Today was the last day of Sharon's visit to Portland. I picked her up and we went out to breakfast at Bijou Cafe in downtown Portland where we split two delicious hashes. Then it was time for the airport and bittersweet goodbyes. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that it works out for her to move back here before too long!