Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 27

1. Out to pastries/German breakfast with Emily and the kiddos
2. Ella and Stephen sleeping on our drive to visit Dana
3. Dana's beautiful home with a built in fish tank
4. Wonderful middle eastern cooking - Tabuleh, stuffed squash, eggplant and grapeleaves, almond cookies
5. At the school park with Winnis, Ella and Stephen
6. Not pictured - visitng a Japan Daiso store (awesome), Beth and Dana comparing notes on living in/near the Middle East and speaking arabic, staying up late looking at pictures of Beth's adventures overseas

Day 24

1. Waiting for my flight
2. San Francisco Airport!
3. Pomelo for snack (a huge asian citrus!)
4. Beth & Stephen
5. 6. & 7. A walk around Los Altos Hills and some of the amazing homes there
8. Ella making her own pizza

Day 26

1. My old school
2. The play yard. Where I learned foursquare and square dance.
3. My old kindgergarten class room. I had the same teacher my mom did!
4. My aunt & uncles house (formerly my grandparents house)
5. Baby Matthew
6. John has five teeth missing!
7. & 8. John and Anna with artwork
9. Baby Matthew awake
 10. Not pictured: Walking, hanging out with Emily & Beth, Ella and Stephen (pictures are on my camera!), Uncle Ward & Aunt Nancy, and dear Winnis (Beth's mother in law)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 25

1. San Francisco
2. Visiting Scott's (Beth's husband) Grandma Lily, or NiNi in her lovely 3rd floor home
3. The amazing view from her home in the Sunset area of San Francisco. It faces due west.
4. On the left hand side there's a slightly darker patch of blue between the ground and the clouds. This is the ocean!
5. NiNi is an accomplished Chinese artist. She teaches classes and showed us some of her amazing work.
6. Another of NiNi's paintings.
7. Heading down to the street to go to Golden Gate Park
8. Ella and Stephen feeding the duckies
9. Beautiful bridge in the distance
10. Ella! after dropping off NiNi and now onto Uncle Rick & Tia Vero's home
11. After a full day of visiting, out to dinner at an Afghan restaurant with grandparents
12. Not pictured: LOTS of driving, good conversations, listening to Scott and NiNi speak in Chinese for a couple of hours, admiring NiNi's house and paintings, eating a real Chinese lunch, a lovely visit with Uncle Rick, Tia Vero, Olivia, Lillian and Bella (I guess I was having too much fun and  I forgot to whip out my camera phone, I have lots of pictures on my regular camera though!), more driving.and writing down where some of Grandpa and Grandma's artifacts/nicknacks came from.

Day 23

1. Packing for California

2. Not pictured: finishing up work for Dad, Dr K, taking Jacob to a birthday bash, visiting with friends, Dr Z, more work, stressing about packing, talking with Rebekah K, more packing. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22

1. a kitty sniffing my boots while waiting for Kate

2 Not pictured: church, visiting with Kate, Polly and Claire while ooh and aahing over Kate's amazing wedding dress, popping into David's bridal, drinking hot chocolate with them, Ayers & Paynes over to watch the game, the 49ers loosing Argh.Starting to panic over everything I need to do to get ready to leave on Tuesday!

3. Yesterday: breakfast and visiting with the ladies who spent the night, finishing up work, Kate's bridal shower and visiting with friends.

Day 20

1. Kitchen table arrangement for the birthday party

2. Picking out the perfect chili blend for dinner

3. Not pictured: baking muffins for breakfast and next week, cleaning for the party and visiting Dr Z, partying and staying up late

Day 19

1. Flooding of milk creek on my way from Yoga class

2. Lambs in Wilsonville remodeled. No more dancing raisins on the wall :(

3. A Georgia peach sticker from Jacob

4. Not pictured: Running errands and dr appointments all day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18

1.Cheesy drop biscuits for lunch

2. Real work for my dad

3. Not pictured: Waking up to rain and all the snow melted (lame), banana pancakes for breakfast, some schooling, listening to a sermon and lots of radiolab during work, Daniel's delicious pork chops for dinner, watching Planet Earth

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17

Steam breathing lion vent & a cup of hot chocolate as the snow fell.. (published from my itouch)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16

1.Cooking dinner with floral girly apron and sheepskin boots. Because it's cold.

2. Some snow. Wish we had more.

3. Melted kitty in front of the fire. 

4. Not pictured: visiting the functional neurologist (sounds like I'm a fairly straightforward case :) ), running through the parking lot as the wind and snow was blowing, without a coat. Brr, feeding the sheep (and goat) hay and minerals, getting bit by Brutus the goat who mistook my finger for a treat, oops!, putting on band aid for said bite, leftovers for dinner, reading as a family two Christmas newsletters and then praying for those families in our evening devotions, mini walk in the falling snow with Tyler.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15

1. 1/2'' of snow fall. And the whole Portland metro area freaked out. Went to church anyways.

2. My new favorite-est house in Oregon City.  Love the different window styles and the crisp white.

3. Not pictured: church, talking, watching basketball at the gym, Parish group at the Poindexters, skyping with Rebekah K and Rachel U.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14

1. Cooking onions for taco night. Bowl of avocados that Jacob was turning into guacamole peaking out on the right.

2. Candied Ginger

3.Not pictured: saying goodbye to Scott at 6am in the morning as he left for Japan, working on a small project for dad, visiting Tyler at the fruit stand to get fixings for tacos, the boys taking down the Christmas tree (finally!), rejoicing that the 49ers won, having the Ayers over for tacos and football, disappointment over the Bronco's loosing, making candied ginger with Susan Ayers, hope running high for some snow tonight. Like it ever snows when it's supposed to!