Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 25

1. San Francisco
2. Visiting Scott's (Beth's husband) Grandma Lily, or NiNi in her lovely 3rd floor home
3. The amazing view from her home in the Sunset area of San Francisco. It faces due west.
4. On the left hand side there's a slightly darker patch of blue between the ground and the clouds. This is the ocean!
5. NiNi is an accomplished Chinese artist. She teaches classes and showed us some of her amazing work.
6. Another of NiNi's paintings.
7. Heading down to the street to go to Golden Gate Park
8. Ella and Stephen feeding the duckies
9. Beautiful bridge in the distance
10. Ella! after dropping off NiNi and now onto Uncle Rick & Tia Vero's home
11. After a full day of visiting, out to dinner at an Afghan restaurant with grandparents
12. Not pictured: LOTS of driving, good conversations, listening to Scott and NiNi speak in Chinese for a couple of hours, admiring NiNi's house and paintings, eating a real Chinese lunch, a lovely visit with Uncle Rick, Tia Vero, Olivia, Lillian and Bella (I guess I was having too much fun and  I forgot to whip out my camera phone, I have lots of pictures on my regular camera though!), more driving.and writing down where some of Grandpa and Grandma's artifacts/nicknacks came from.

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