About the farmerette

Growing up, I always loved farms, farming and the book Farmer Boy. Although, I do love me a good farmer boy (I have 5 younger brothers). They aren't all young anymore (ages 25-11) but they are younger, and crazily they still all live at home (though not for long!).  

I live with my family and am what I call a STAHD or Stay-At-Home-Daughter. I pretty much work for my rent and food by running the household and homeschooling. My Mom had her neck/back injured in a car accident over three years ago. You wouldn't know it to look at her, but she deals with a lot of daily pain. She's amazing.

Our farm is 18 acres, mostly pasture with a small orchard. We have eight nine cats (Tiger-lily, Marianne, Wilma, Panther, Misty, Henry James, Pippi and Topaz and Sophie), a flock of laying chickens and 11 ducks. In addition, I have two dairy steers (Brownie and Moozer), a Boston White cow (Bessie Dearest), a herd of Katahdin sheep and occasionally some meat chickens. The farm isn't huge but it's certainly large enough for us to attempt to make some money farming. Usually the money never materializes.

I also attend a CREC church with my family.