Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153

Well, ahem. I don't know where my itouch is... so that's kind of why there's been a lack of photos this week. Other reasons for the lack of pictures...
1. Jacob has the stomach flu
2. Mom has the stomach flu
3. See previous two reasons
4. I've been too busy to seriously look for it in the car because of the previous reasons.
5. I just went and looked for it but it's dark. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow in the sunlight.
6. I can't think of where else to look for it but the car. Think outside the box, Sara!

Anyways, in other news or until I put up some photos.... Tuesday, Jacob and I had a little adventure in the car on a long car ride. Unfortunately, we left before he knew he had the stomach flu and we both definitely knew that he had the stomach flu by the ride back. Poor guy. And no, I don't have photos of that!

Wednesday, allergy season hit me strong. And I had to move the sheep. Achoo. Spent the day doing paperwork and straightening my wardrobe. All the miscellaneous things I've been putting off with all the wonderful weather.

Thursday, a visit to the allergy doctor set me straight again. Yay! NAET is seriously amazing. For years I was getting more and more allergic to everything, and it had progressed to the point where I couldn't got outside 3-4 months of the year. And now, I'm good! Like allergy free... except for one month of the year and even then, I can go outside fine. I just can't walk through the middle of the hay field. Never thought I would be a fan of weird medicine! Daniel and I spent the day hanging out going to the doctors and then to the mall. He also got some driving practice in. He now has 55 minutes of driving experience under his belt. Then we met up with Andrew and Tyler at some friends Art Show that their art school was putting on. Seriously amazing art.

And today, erm, cleaning up, working on a project for Dad (yay) and gardening. Daniel helped me get most of our vegetable garden in. Tyler cooked a yummy dinner including a new delcious dish of creamed cauliflower. And now we've just finished It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. And it's time for a smidgen of yoga and then bed!

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