Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 179

:: Enjoying wildflowers on a run this morning with Hadley A., Tyler and Jacob
:: The view for a moment... if we (and maybe our neighbors) cut down  all of our trees on the hillside this could be our view too..
:: Laundry on the line
:: Hadley & Kerrilynn A. weeding!
:: Enjoying the fruits of Andrew's weedwacking
:: Ryan A. & Daniel working on mortaring bricks
:: Delicious cherries that Jana brought to bible study
:: Sara Jane's fantastic Bridal Shower
:: What else? Some woodworking, coming home from bible study to a bunch of sad Ayers who had found out that the house stuff is getting further delayed :( , enjoying having Jana & Christine and Sam & Julie over for dinner, and thankful for brothers (and Sam and Ryan!) who did my farm chores for me!

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