Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 135

1. The wildest luggage I have ever seen (!)
2. The view at OHSU looking at downtown Portland. We were visiting OHSU to get a second opinion for Scott, which went really well. The doctor was great and really took time to understand what was going on. He also was very balanced and knowledgeable!
3. Looking across the Willamette. I never get tired of this view! 
4. Walking around with mom through high rises looking for a coffee shop. Mom settled for a coke instead. Which was pretty lame considering this is Portland after all!
5. A very homemade looking strawberry shortcake 
6. What else? Doctor appts for Mom - with the elbow surgeon & the functional neurologist, Le Petite Provence, Trader Joe's, Costco, JCPenneys, and the best pizza story ever. Emily & Tyler made pizza for dinner tonight... They couldn't figure out why the cheese on the pizza was browning and not melting. Tyler took a taste and the realized that they had used hash browns instead! We had quite a laugh!

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