Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 125

1. Beautiful blossoms. Walking through the apple orchard in the evening smells AMAZING. Nothing like the fresh scent of apple blossoms.
2. We are trying something new this year, and I don't know why it's taken us so long to do it. We're pasturing several of the ewes and their lambs in the orchard. This time of year it always seems like we are doing nothing but mowing, so the sheep are definitely saving us time, plus it's so much fun to see the babies from the back yard!
3. Jacob's birthday... we finally celebrated his birthday (April 25th) over a week late. I was out of town, and then people have been sick or gone in the evening. He has been amazingly patient for an 11 year old. 
4. What else - I didn't blog yesterday, so the sad news first. Our poor sick calf died. Our vet thought it was going to be okay, but I guess not. Sniff. Sadness. Now we just have one poor lone cow. Hopefully we'll find a friend for him! Not much else for today, I've been on antibiotics all week and it's making me more and more tired. And they're making me sleep 10 hours a day, (argh!) so I'm pretty done by 10 o'clock, which is sad because that's my normal blogging time... so posts are kind of sporadic right now. My eyes are trying to close on me, so I better head to bed... g'nite!

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