Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 130

1. Driving over ancestral grounds near Albany... well, not quite, but it's where my great-something grandpappy homesteaded in the 1840's!
2. Waiting (see #4)
3. A strawberry smoothie to sustain the driver
4. What else? Today I drove down with Scott to Eugene. Poor Scott. I try not to talk about medical stuff on here a lot, else it would get boring quick... but Scott has basically had no life for the past 6-8 months as he's been dealing with major cervical disk pain. He's either on bed rest or standing up at work (he can't even sit comfortably). And to keep a really long story short.... it's been a two month process to work with the insurance company to get the surgery he needs paid for. Today he and I drove down to Eugene to appear before the insurance committee so Scott could present his case personally. The committee seemed really nice and concerned, so we are praying hard that they understand and are willing to rule in his favor.... It was the longest ride Scott's done since this all began, so I was there as moral support and to drive him back, because by the end of it he was on a full dose of all his pain drugs. We even stopped at Target to get him a heating pad to use on the way back since he forgot to bring his. Anyways, we are very thankful that it is all over with and for everyone's prayers! Hopefully we will know their decision by the end of this week...

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