Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 128

1. Moo-ser drinking some water
2. Outside the Airport Cafe 
3. Jacob & ice cream at the Airport Cafe
4. What else? Rand installing a new stove top... which as these things always go, seems to be slightly defective so now we are waiting stove-less for a repair guy to come out tomorrow, thus dinner at the cafe tonight, homeschooling, working outside in the glorious sunshine (priming a flower box, weeding, organizing and of course, directing other people!), Mom selling/getting rid of a bantam hen & rooster, an impromptu farm meeting over dessert, and thanks to Rand - rediscovering the luxury of changing the water temperature in the shower with the flick of a finger instead of grappling around with two hands praying the whole thing didn't fall apart...  

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