Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 129

1. At the Oregon Zoo with John! (And the rest of his family and the Ayers and the Dahlins, and my family... )
2. John and Anna in the petting zoo. Oh the irony of walking into a petting zoo when you live on a farm. I didn't tell them that our goat had died a month ago....
3. Anna is a pro at petting goats, Molly wasn't so sure...
4. Mom, Anna & Molly enjoying the wildlife; I think this was the baby duckies.
5. Me, Emily & Mom - Can you tell we're related? Mom just needed her "bug" glasses on!
6. A Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! The lions and bears were very fun to watch, the tigers were just sleeping...
7. An exhausted Matthew on the shuttle ride back to the car.
8. Hanging out while Andrew teaches gymnastics
9. What else? Mostly just enjoying the Fabryckys (Emily's my cousin) and enjoying the zoo, worrying for an hour that I had lost my wallet on the shuttle when all the time it was in the lunch knapsack, which is funny as neither Andrew who was holding the knapsack the whole time or I remember me putting it in there! Just thankful that it was there. :) The zoo people were really nice about looking for it though. 

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