Sunday, February 12, 2012


Boring things I'm thinking about right now...

1. Getting some bangs. I think it's time. I also want new glasses. Erm.

2. Watching the Grammys for maybe the second time in my life. Interesting. It's my impression that there's a lot more "curvier" girls on the music scene than there used to be...

3. The need to buy new clothes. I have one pair of pants that fit. Not good.

4. How amazing Courageous was compared to what it could've been. They've come along way!

5. How awkward it is going up for your birthday at church and no one else comes up. I thought I'd be safe; but the twins didn't come up.So thus I was up there all by myself. Argh. Oh well.

6. I didn't know Adele was British. Oops. And I like her dress. But not her hair.

7. Looking forward to playing the piano regularly again. The functional neurologist said it would be a good idea to start playing. Nice to have an excuse! Yay.

8. A good Sunday. Good sermon, some catching up with friends, having the Murrays, Poindexters & Erlands over for dinner. And some amazing apple cake with cream cheese frosting. mmmm.

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Ellen Ingersoll said...

bangs? I like that idea. :)