Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 52

1. Washing the potatoes that got dug up in October. They had been sitting in our garage. Like forever.
2. My gardening clogs look so good with my orange farm sweater.
3. Caulking the inside of a flower box
4. Brownies & milk, with a letter from Ellen!
5. Not pictured: My day getting completely rearranged ( I was supposed to go out for lunch with Scott and then Bible Study), praising the Lord that I haven't succumbed to the flu like the majority of my family and being thankful that no one is actually throwing up!, enjoying a free afternoon to just work on projects* that have been neglected since October *happy dance*, watching some Red October (love that movie!) and Monk, making brownies with Jacob, skyping with Rachel, watching New Girl

*Projects: I think I tend to like projects a little too much (I get obsessed) so when God gives me an afternoon to work on them it feels like a great big present! I'm learning to be thankful for little moments to work on my projects (and to not get sucked into them!).

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