Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 28

1. Catching up with Melinda (friend) at Esther's German bakery
2. Cool stairway
3. Shopping around Los Altos with Grandma 
4. 5. 6. & 7. Cliff Drive at Sunset in Santa Cruz
8. Playing the Snail Game with my little relatives and cousin-in-law, Dan
9. Bedtime for Molly!
10. Not pictured - a lovely lunch with Jennie & Paul (my cousin & her husband), packing up, visiting the PEO thrift store with Grandma, driving to Santa Cruz, soaking up little kid cuteness, hanging out with Emily and Dan after the kiddos had gone to bed, discussing Dan's most recent press releases (He's pretty famous ;) ), finishing off the day with a Jeeves & Wooster

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