Monday, September 12, 2011


Things I am thankful for today:

1. For walking into my vision therapy appointment and finding out that I'm getting put onto maintenance! That means I'll be doing 5 minutes a day, 2 times a week (10 minutes total!) instead of the 30-45 minutes, 6 days a week (3-4 1/2 hours a week) which is what I've been doing.... So, so thankful!!!

2. Which also means I am reading. Feeling like I'm finally feasting after fasting from books. I feel like I have six months to make up and it's been wonderful.

 3. For malted vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes. I made some this evening to celebrate #1. It was good.

4. Homegrown ripe tomatoes. Enough said.

5. That my sweet grandfather is giving me one of his "old" cameras. It's really not that old and it's going to suit me just fine. I'm very thankful! In fact if it wasn't for vision therapy, this would be the top of my list!

6. For a 10 year old brother that tells me to come in and say good night. And then he gives me a stuffed kitty to keep me company while I sleep.

7. The Three Stooges. (Bet you weren't expecting that one!) We just discovered there are episodes on Hulu. I grew up watching these guys over and over again. I think when we were sick we watched Three Stooges and Warner Brother cartoons and Marx Brothers non stop. So I thought I had seen them all! But thanks to Hulu, I now know I haven't. Tyler showed us this one tonight and it was pretty clever. The horses were incredibly well trained!

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