Friday, September 2, 2011

Book signing and visiting

So I know I promised to go back and do a review of my recent trip to California and then I promptly disappeared... I was just at the beach for our church's girl camp and then I came back to a full day of doctors appt and catching up.

Today was more of a play day though. All of the Cone males, beside Jacob, were at our church's future mens camp, so it was rather quiet. We started out with a breakfast/brunch at a friends house in celebration of Brenda and Aaron visiting! It felt so good to see them again. :)

The rest of the day was quiet until the evening when Mom and I attended a book signing for Rosanne Lortz's newest book, Road from the West. It was fun to hear David and Rose talk for a few minutes and then spend the evening perusing Exodus Bookstore and visiting with friends. And, as long as I'm name dropping/linking I will mention to add, that as always, Abigail's catering was amazing.

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