Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting. Or why it rained today.

First things first... this was taken with my own, yes, my very own camera. I am so happy... I originally made grand schemes to buy a fancy schmancy camera like all the ones my friends tote around... but my laptop died instead. So, when my grandfather graciously re-offered an old camera. I jumped at it.

Tyler, who has mostly lovingly shared his camera with me, is happy. Actually I don't know if that's true... I'm just guessing he's happy.. and I'm happy. So it's all good. And it's actually a pretty nice little camera... better than just the average point and shoot but not as  cumbersome as the "change a lens every time you move" cameras.

So onto more important things... As you may or may not surmise from the above photo, which I wouldn't if I were you, 'cause I am not Sean from Psyche. Tyler is standing by the front door about to take down the lights on either side of the front door. WHICH, we only found out a month ago are mounted UNEVENLY. That's right we've been living in a house with uneven lights. How embarrassing. Of course, it's not like anyone has ever noticed, because nobody, hardly anybody, ever comes to our front door. Everybody comes to our back door. Or even the sliding glass door in the kitchen. It's been more than once that we've looked up and realized a customer is about to knock on our glass door!

So Tyler is about to take down the lights because we are painting the brick. When we repainted the house about three years ago, we decided to leave the brick for a while and see if we liked it. Well, we didn't love it and we didn't hate it, so since we are painting the shed (hopefully tomorrow), we decided we might as well paint the brick too. And the brick really isn't "nice" brick. It looks fine here, but as soon as you get up close to it, it's pretty messy lookin'...

And I realized yesterday, that maybe nobody ever comes to our front door because you can't really see it. Being red, it just blends in. Well, it ain't going to no more!

So today the boys spent a good part of the day priming the brick. Such hard workers! Even Jacob was out there the whole time. And I even went out there the last hour and helped with filling in the holes. Earlier, I was busy, you know, with inside stuff. :)

Now that it's primed, I think it looks better already. The house looks much more homey as you drive up the driveway. Plus, when Mom and I went out to check on it mid-afternoon, we realized that the porch area reminded us of the house she grew up in. Which made it feel like it was the right decision.

So cute... he's just so cute. :)