Friday, September 9, 2011

Bee mine

     In order to properly celebrate Hannah's birthday, she, Amanda and I decided to visit Sellwood and act touristy. We had a grand time... and thouroughl enjoyed our selves. I was super impressed with the fun stores we found and the reasonable prices. And I am now obsessed over this:
     Can anyone guess what it is? Drum roll... It is a Top Bar Hive. That's right a bee hive. I've never been super interested in bee keeping before. But oh, I want one of these bad. Real bad. I loved this store, the gal was really friendly and explained how everything worked. Plus, using this hive makes it much easier to harvest and obtain your own honey. Now beekeeping sounds like fun! Anyways, there having a sale... anyone want to get me one for Christmas???

Also, once it got hot, we had... Ice Cream. And it was good.


Rosanne E. Lortz said...

Love the title of your post! :-) David really wants to get into beekeeping too. I'm not so keen....

Sara The Farmerette said...

Well, he should definitely check out this store... they have a nice low tech way of getting the honey out too. Next time I go in, I want to ask about if you can have the hive near children.... 'cause that is always a concern. ;)