Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brain Seminar

So not much writing this week! Mostly just busyness... You know, when you are busy and there's stuff worth writing about, that's when you are tired in the evening and too busy to write. :) Mostly this week consisted of gardening, admiring the view from OHSU, finishing up a bunch of little items that have been on the to do list for forever, sewing, caulking, painting.... It's been a good week, and to top it off, today the parentals and I went to a conference on neurological development and it was fascinating! Mostly about the stages children's brains go through and how it affects them later. And most importantly, what you can do about it if normal development doesn't happen. In short summary, here's what I learned.

1. God made our brains to be amazing.
2. Our brains can be retrained even after major damage has been done.
3. It can take a lot of work to retrain a brain. :)
4. The importance of cross training when young and doing it in the right order! ... ie, creeping, crawling, walking, running.
5. Cross training can be used at any age to retrain the brain
6.  Bumbos, child swings & walkers, and wraps should be used with caution.... Babies need to be able to move around freely in order to develop normally. That means lots and lots of creeping and crawling. 7. Also, using bumbos and walkers before the baby is able to do it normally puts undo stress on their bones. Carrying on the hips and creeping/crawling is the natural way for a babies hip joints to form.
8. The three most important stages of brain development should happen by the time the baby is 8 months old.

Well, that's all for now! I know there's more to report, and probably these points could be explained better, but it's bed time. My cousins have been having amazing results with this program so I'm excited to see how it will help our family. I'm planning on doing some more reading and I anticipate doing some active cross training soon as it should help with my remaining concussion issues. So I'm excited.


Rosanne E. Lortz said...

I've been wondering how these neurologists prove this. Is there an inductive study that shows crawling prior to walking is a necessary step? If so, how large of a data sample is it based on? Just curious.... :-)

elizabeth embracing life said...

I have always been fascinated with how the brain works and child development. I have always be anti-stuff that contains babies.

rebekah said...

Wait! What are the three important stages of brain development?!

Sara The Farmerette said...

@elizabeth - the gal mentioned the man who invented the cochlear implant as being one of her heros. :)

Sara The Farmerette said...

@Rebekah... the first three stages involve the development of the center of the brain, the medulla, the pons and the cerebellum? (I think)