Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picturesque Mosquito Lake

Remember this view of Mosquito Lake from my last post... well, this post is devoted to Mosquito Lake. 'Cause it's pretty!

This is the view from the road earlier in the day. The cabins are so picturesque!

Well, on our way back, Dad, Mom, Bev and I decided we needed a break. So we stopped at Mosquito Lake. I've always wanted to get out and explore this little place. My day was made. :)

This is a little rock wall that separates the two lakes.

And yes, there is snow in the Sierras in August!

Bev graciously agreed to take my picture on the big rocks that I love, with the lake and the cabins that I love in the background. So happy!

Near one of the cabins was this funny little rock shed. It had a boat sitting  on top of it.

And yes, the classic outhouse picture. Love!

And thanks to Bev for letting me post her pictures!

And yes, sigh, there were plenty of mosquitoes at Mosquito Lake.

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roger said...

Bev says: You didn't post the blurry picture of you as I was being attacked by the mosquitoes and couldn't be still long enough to get the picture!