Friday, September 2, 2011

Family & friend time

August 13 & 14, 2011 Saturday/Sunday

Saturday was a low key day. Ellen and I went out for Pinkberry yogurt after persusing the going out of business Borders. I'd been wanting to buy a little book of crosswords, so I was very happy when I found this little book for a reasonable price. Around dinner time most of the family showed up. Dad, Tyler, Andrew, Daniel & Sam Payne drove down today. The others being delayed due to a short term stomach bug... They arrived Sunday. Thanks to the change in plans, we ended up staying an extra night at the Walkers, so Sunday turned into a mini Walker/Cone reunion with some Paynes thrown in for good measure.
 Eating outside with the Walker clan, my Aunt and Uncle and some Paynes

 Sally and I have been friends since birth. Well, not quite because I'm four months older than her. Our moms met when Sally's mom was 9 months pregnant. She was coming out of a grocery store and Mom was carrying me in. My mom looked at poor pregnant Aunt Susan (we go by Aunt and Uncle now) and said "Don't worry, you get one of these," pointing to me. They then met a month or two later at a church potluck and the rest is history. The old ladies in the nursery used to say they had never seen two babies (yes, babies) play together so much. Obviously, we were destined be friends. Which I'm so thankful for. Plus, we're pretty much opposites and I dread to think what I would be like if I didn't have her to balance me out... eeks.

 This is the Walkers ever amazing ground level trampoline. I mean this thing is from the 80's before everyone had their own above ground trampoline, and it's still amazing. Rectangular trampolines are way better than circle ones, that's for sure! I remember just spending hours on here. I could do a back flip and a front flip at my prime. Yes, thankyouverymuch!


And this is beautiful Leah, posing with Lizzy. Her hubby and other daughter are in the background there. Leah is a couple years younger than Sally and I and she's an adopted sister.I can still remember when she was about two, which is crazy.


And here's a very blurry action shot of Molly (Sally's daughter). I love it cause it captures what it's like to be two and swinging.And see that bar on the left? There's a funny story about me standing on that, which mostly has to do with the fact that Sally grew up with two sisters and her mom grew up with three sisters, whereas Mom grew up with three brothers and I (eventually) grew up with five brothers. 

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