Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why I like airports (imaginitive title, hunh?)

I like airports. For the most part that is. It probably helps that so far (Lord be praised) I really haven't had a bad experience in one. Maybe if I had to spend a week in a strange land in a strange airport in strange weather I wouldn't like them, but so far that hasn't happened, and I'm praying it never does.

But back to the main subject. I like airports and I've been thinking about why.

I think first off, I love the feeling of anticipation and excitement you get at an airport. If I'm going to go and pick someone up then I'm excited to see them.If they are here for a visit than I am full of anticipation for a wonderful time. If I'm going somewhere, than the excitement is self-explanatory and there's a quiet nervousness/anticipation of setting off into the unknown. And if I'm dropping someone off, well, that can be a little disappointing, but even then I am either a) excited for them b) have fond memories of our visits, or at the very least a little part of me thinks "If I really wanted too, I could just pick a flight and be off!" It provides options and I like options. And day dreaming.

Airports are also fantastic for people watching. And I like to people watch. One time Scott and I stood along the main througoughfare and counted how many people crossed in front of us at the Chicago O'Hare airport. I don't remember, but I think it was around 100 people in a couple of minutes. It was amazing.

It's also fanastic for people watching when you are waiting inside for someone to arrive. Slowly you see who's waiting for whom, see the excitement when they meet and then off they go happy and content.

Airports are also wonderful for running into completely random people that you know from somewhere else. It hasn't happened often, but it's still cool to think about how God must have orchestrated it. My friend Rebekah is visiting this weekend and ended up flying with a friend. Neither one realized that the other was heading to Portland this weekend.

Airports (on layovers) also give you a teeny sample of whatever state you are passing through. I've always wished that airports had an observation tower so you could climb up and see what the city/country looks like...especially if the weather's cloudy when you fly in,  but I'm guessing that will never happen. You also get to see different restaurants (well, sometimes) and different peoples.

One time when Mom and I were flying out of San Jose, the sewer truck backed up and bumped the airplane. Everyone had to unload while we waited for an engineer from Oakland to inspect the airplane and make sure that it was okay. We played card games the whole time. I'm thinking it was during rush hour so of course it took forever for the engineer to arrive.

I also love the Portland airport. I haven't done tons of traveling, but so far it's still my favorite airport. It's international, but not too big. It's modern, but it doesn't try to hard. Also, there always improving it, trying new things. There's also an amazing view of the runways, Mount Hood and the river from the top of the parking structure. We almost always park up there and spend a few minutes watching planes take off and land. 

We also once got a tour of the outside of the airport. That was pretty cool. Mom had flown in from California and she called me and told me to park the car. I did, and then brought in whatever boys I had with me. We then found out that the airport was having a special public relations day and they were offering free tours of the grounds. We all got in a bus with just one other person and the tour guide (who turned out to be an exec) and got driven all round. It was Awesome. That was the first time they had offered something like that, and as far as I know, the last time. So it was pretty special. I hope they do it again sometime and that we actually hear about it.

So the original picture is from picking up Rebekah on Thursday. She's visiting from Spokane this weekend and it's been loads of fun. We were supposed to have some girl time this evening, but as soon as we sat down, a certain someone called and it's now been an hour and she's still talking. Imagine that. I think I'm going to have to go kick her off!  I want to go to bed. Ha!


Amanda Evans said...

I like airports too, though I'm starting to feel claustrophobic about being on planes. And the Portland airport is the nicest I've been in too. So clean! But it also is home, so it has an unfair advantage.

Sara The Farmerette said...

ha! That's true, it does. ;)