Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to our regular scheduled programming

Well, I'm back. In fact, I've been back for 24 hours, I'm just so sneaky that way. I had such grand intentions of blogging while I was gone, but obviously that didn't happen. It was busy. But a good busy.

The flight home was good. I got the window seat (love the window seat) and when the person sat down next to me, I decided he was probably a pastor and (ta-da!) he was. We talked the last five minutes of the flight, found out he teaches at Western Seminary, has a son partially involved in the same missionary organization my cousin and her husband are serving with, and he probably taught at the Western Seminary my cousin's husband attended... also when I posted about it on facebook, I found out a friend has known him for a long time... such a small world. I also thought it was especially cool that he knew Michael Farris. Apparently he knew him in Olympia, WA and he said that Michael was the smartest man he'd ever met. Anyways, it was fun talking with him.

So I was all worried about missing out on summer here, but I guess it's still kind of sticking around, which I appreciate. We ate Costco hotdogs for dinner last night and it was appropriately warm to eat them outside. I mean, who puts in an outdoor food court in Oregon? Nine months out of the year you fight to get near the heaters. I also have high expectations of the vegetable garden, although I haven't made it out  there yet. I'm hoping there's at least one tomato. And yes, I miss that about California. Oh the oodles of ripe tomatoes. Yum.

Today was a visit to the Naturapath (me) and a specialist at OHSU (mom) and my goodness, the new buildings at OHSU are simply amazing. Next time we go, I'm going to take a decent camera with me. I've been in two different waiting rooms and both point towards the North. You can see right up the river, the bridges and into Portland. Mt St Helens and Mt Hood look amazing. Basically, you might want to pay to be a receptionist in these rooms. These pictures don't do the view justice!

See that little cloud dot on center right? That's where Mt St Helens is. And it looked way bigger in person!

And this was just on the eighth floor!

Then because I hadn't done enough yet, I spent the evening with my friend Kate. We are both mutual star gazers and we looked at stars and talked for about an hour. Or I could say, we tried to look at stars but for the first fourty minutes we had a band of clouds that was directly over head. Like we could see stars on each side, but nope, directly over us was a band of clouds that took forever to dissipate. Oh well!

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