Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to the fair we go

August 11, 2011 Thursday

Today we went to the Nevada County Fair! Leah and her family live up in the foothills near Grass Valley and they invited Jacob and I to come to the fair with Uncle Roger. It's a long drive up there, but it was worth it. Uncle Roger drove his amazingly awesome pick up truck and we talked farming most of the way up. Uncle Roger and I are kind of farm pals. :) Right now he's doing bees, so that occupied a great deal of conversation.
We stopped at Leah's house to visit until Birken got off of work and then we headed to the fair. Here Jacob and I are posing with Lizzy. I hadn't met her yet!

It was a great fair. Similar in size to our fantastic Clackamas fair, but probably three times the amount of people (a common characteristic of California). Also, it was interesting as I usually associate fairgrounds as being fairly treeless, but Grass Valley is covered with Pines, so the fair rides were "nestled" in them.

Polly and I sharing a moment...

Me and Leah!

Uncle Roger and Jacob took on The Viper. It was Jacob's first real "adult" fair ride!

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SallyS said...

So fun to see pictures from the fair! I'm glad you're doing blow-by-blow posting. :-D