Saturday, August 6, 2011

Snapshot of a Saturday morning

Why is it that when you have things you want to write about you don't have any time? All these fun things are happening, but I'm too busy living life to write about them. haha. Tough life, eh?

It's Saturday though and there's not a lot happening today. So far, I haven't done anything but browse the internet and read an article during breakfast on using bamboo plates and silverware at a music festival in Happy Valley. I did have time to read this blog post which was pretty amazing. God is so big.

Right now, I'm working up my courage (ie self discipline talk) to start vision therapy and I have a little boy lying in my bed looking at a Curious George book. Apparently, he has a stomach ache.

It's quiet today here, several boys are spending the night somewhere, one is running errands and I think the other one's outside. Mom's taking a nap and I don't think Dad's out of his pajamas yet (gasp). These types of Saturday are a luxury in the summer here. So I'm focusing on enjoying it! And hopefully, eventually, my friend Rebekah who's visiting, will appear out of the guest room and we'll sit around laughing and talking about plans for the day.

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