Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Write Up

Last weekend was a pretty darn good one. On Saturday, it was a) not raining and b) not supposed to rain for 24 hours, so therefore I was able to work on re-staining our hot tub and outdoor table. They hadn't been stained in forever and were beginning to look horrendous; they certainly look better now! I finished them this afternoon and yes, it was nice to actually finish a project! So many times in life it seems like I have the absolute best intention of finishing something right away and then the last 10% drags on forever....

Later that day I went to a farewell party for a dear friend, Laura. She has the audacity to be moving to Hawaii next week and I"m going to miss her. Lots. Hopefully though, just maybe, a visit might happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Well, not really, just praying about it. :) I did get to spend the night and visit with her and her sister so that was some consolation. Every time we get together like this we always lament that it will never be the same next time, and then well, it is. Somehow we just don't seem to change. Or maybe we're just boring.

 Sunday we had glorious weather once again. After church, we headed over to a friends house for a barbecue. This place happens to be a sentimental gathering place from my childhood, well, teenage hood, and whenever we gathered there for civil war reenactments it was always, without fail, roasting. And yes, there's nothing "funner" than donning accurate 19th century clothing in 90 degree heat. But we were young then and it was all an adventure! This time, there were no hoopskirts to be seen and it wasn't as warm as it could've been then, but it was very pleasant. And I learned how to play Farkle. Also, my dear friend had her baby, so the whole day was good!


Rosanne E. Lortz said...

Wow! Staining the hot tub and a table? You are so ambitious with your projects. I mopped the floor today and when I was done I was done with my projects for the day--ready to sit down and let everyone praise me in the gates.

Amanda Evans said...

You and Katie and Laura boring? I don't think it could happen.

Also, we may have been teenagers, but those are precious childhood memories.

Sara The Farmerette said...

@Rose - I'll praise you anytime in the gates... just let me know.

@Amanda - Pretty much. :)