Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puttering & Tasmania

This afternoon mostly consisted mostly of puttering outside. I'm into puttering right now. The word (I like saying it) and the action. Usually I'm faster than puttering, but with my shoulders and neck still recovering from moving hay, I'm puttering.  Today I focused on fixing some panels on the hot tub so it can get stained and sanding the back door so it can get painted. I've been itching to get to these projects for the last two weeks but it wouldn't stop raining long enough! The word puttering never fails to remind me of Patrick McManuses chapter on puttering.

This evening some awesome guys from our church came and helped prep the yard for The Party. Pretty nice of them. I swear our life revolves around the garden until The Party so it's a relief to have extra help. :)

I think I'm kind of digging this random items style of writing.

I came accros this website today about Tasmania Parks (picture from website). After looking at it and Wikipedia I now want to visit Tasmania. I love how the photo above says, "Winter Wonders - Rug up and step outside!" English never fails to amuse me.

I also clicked for the first time on a Pandora ad. Of all things, for these. I've never paid much attention to rings... they always seem to look the same, but these actually looked like they took some serious skillz.

And I discovered one of my new favorite all time blogs. It's called Scouting NY. I've always thought that location scouting for movies sounded intriguing but after reading this blog I think it's moved into my top five of favorite jobs. Number one being Queen. Haha, not really.  Basically scouting sounds kind of like being a real estate agent but you don't have the pressure to sell anything. I also love New York City so it's a double plus.

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