Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Four square & gardening

So it's summer here! Well, kind of. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it.
I'm afraid the peas and lettuce will be dying off, but that means that one day we might just get a tomato. It's been such a cool summer so far that we will be doing good to get any. ;)

This evening just felt so summery as I performed the yearly ritual of setting up the vegetable garden sprinkler. It reminds me of the my first vegetable garden when I discovered that I actually liked gardening and that it could consists of more than just weeding. It would've been the summer that Mom was pregnant with Daniel. She declared that there would be no vegetable garden and I decided that I was wiling to do what it took to have one. I think she then helped me convince dad to buy me my first "power tool", a Mantis rototiller.

Well, dang-nabit, my eyes are getting tired, so I've got to quit, but I will close by saying that fourth of July was pretty awesome this year. Foursquare was one of the highlights strangely enough. I'm guessing the last time I played foursquare in a real box was in fourth grade... I know I remember playing it in first grade in California during recess. That was probably when I was learning it! Which was, ahem, quite a while ago.. . ;)

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