Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mowing, strawberries and singleness

I mowed with a walk behind lawn mower for the first time. I know, big deal, eh? We've had a riding lawn mower since I was nine, so I'm sure at one point I "helped" someone mow when I was younger, or I may have helped mow a grandparent's yard at some point, but I don't remember, so it doesn't count. :) Our riding lawn mower died a month ago and after much family conferencing, we decided to try and get away without one for a while. It mows better but it definitely takes more time. And yes, the phrase that kept running through my head as I mowed was "I am a woman, hear me MOW..." Cheesy, I know.

What's humorous to me about this whole situation is that up 'til now, mowing has been regarded as a male only sport in our family. My allergies were always too bad to do it or I had more important things to do. ; ) But now that I can't weed for very long, the roles are getting reversed. The boys can weed and I can mow. And I had never realized just how fun it could be. I"m definitely indebted to the boys for all the weeding they're doing! Also, when I'm mowing the orchard (way harder than lawn), it makes for an awesome workout.

I love rice krispies with strawberries before bed :)

It's strawberry season and they're pretty amazing this year.
So far, we've just been eating them plain, but I think jam is in the near future.

This morning I did vision therapy outside because it was so nice. I've decided that doing vision therapy outside is about 200% nicer than doing it inside. This is also a pretty easy week, hence the blogging. ;) I've been listening to War and Peace which also makes it go faster.

And tonight I came across two good articles on singleness from both perspectives on the amazing and ever insightful blog Practical Theology for Women. The guys perspective was especially fascinating to me, as it wasn't a perspective I'd heard before.

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