Friday, July 15, 2011

Geeking out over the weather

The other day while arguing with a sibling about the climate of South Korea I discovered the Koppen-Geiger Climate Classifcation system. Even if you are only a moderate weather fanatic, like me, this is beyond awesome.

Also, apparently, the northwest is pretty unusual in it's designation. We are classified as a Csb climate or a dry summer subtropical area. The only other areas in the world that share our climate are parts of Chile and Argentina and Northern Spain and Portugal.

Now I've just got to figure out where my favorite climate is and I'm off.

Weather & climate plays such an interesting role in world history that I'm still geeking out about it. I think I need to buy a book about it. :) And talking about geeks, I came across this awesome Geek Flow Chart on Pinterest the other day.

I just made this Ginger Syrup for Ginger Ale tonight. My first sample drink was a little strong because I think I let it boil down to long, so it tasted more similar to what I think of as Ginger Beer instead of Ginger Ale, but man, it was easy. And now we have more candied ginger than I can shake a stick at.

I'm also exploring Google+. I'm not quite sure what to think of it. And this week I've been trying out tweeting more seriously. Not sure if Twitter's a good influence for me or not. I mostly just think of snarky things I want to say.

Well, Andrew's garlic bread is "smelling" me that it's time to eat, so over and out.


elizabeth embracing life said...

I love your geeking out moments and I am most definitely going to steal your "smelling me" statement. That was an awesome play on words for sure.

Amanda Evans said...

If you find a book awesome enough to buy, let us know and we might want to carry it. I love it when you "geek" out about something and I can hear the highlights from you! I still remember when you were researching calendars for a class at CCC...

Sara The Farmerette said...

@Elizabeth... Thanks!

@Amanda... I was actually just thinking about calenders this week and thinking I should do a post about them. Weird. And yes, I still geek out about them. :)