Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Tyler and I took the boys swimming at the Canby pool today. The boys had been hankering to go there for a while as it features a real live diving board but we usually end up going to the Molalla pool as it's a smidgen closer and cheaper.  I grew up doing swim lessons at this pool and I hadn't been back for quite a while. Let's just say that it was way smaller than I remember it! Although the diving board was as awesome as ever.

2. While in Canby, I actually stopped at a garage sale and even bought something. I might be at 5 purchases now from garage sales.

3. I'm actually reading a book. Slowly, but surely! What I'm really enjoying is being able to read the Bible a little bit at a time. I've missed that.

4. I just got back from a date night with my parents. They invited me to come along for drinks at the local golf course. They have a nice bar/restaurant set up and since it's so close, it's easy to slip away for an hour. We sat out side on the patio, admired the sunset and had delicious strawberry shortcake. Plus, we know the family that runs the golf course, so it was fun to run into the parents.

5. During the evening, I determined that growing up in a golf course/restaurant setting would be pretty cool.

6. My dear friend is now pregnant at 42 weeks. Praying she'll have that baby soon!

7. I read today that this year Portland experienced the second wettest spring in 117 years and that we've had 7 days above 80 degrees so far. Seattle has had 70 minutes. Poor Seattle.


Amanda Evans said...

Thanks for the laugh about Seattle! How do you get 70 minutes of summer?

Since I'm here, writing on your blog and not in labor I'd better mention that I'm going to call Dr. Ed in a few minutes and get the plan for the day set up (chiropractic and/or gel).

Thanks for your prayers!

Sara The Farmerette said...

Oh good! I've been wondering!