Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86

1. Cinnamon rolls for Andrew's 18th (gasp!) birthday!
2. Planted geraniums and then made little "cloches" out of hooped sticks and plastic bags.. curious to see if it helps.
3. In the middle of "cloche-ing"
4. Me, with a dirt smudge on my cheek and my gardening apron. It felt so good to be outside!
5. A group effort on the birthday cake - Daniel washing, Tyler frosting and Jacob watching.
6. A very homemade looking but extremely yummy cake - Angels food cake layered with chocolate sauce with a whipped cream and chopped up heath bars frosting. 
7. Not pictured- Hanging out with Tyler while shopping in Woodburn, home made pizza for dinner, Andy opening presents


Emily Grace said...

Are those your new glasses? I like them!


Lauren S. said...

Those cinnamon rolls look really good. And so does the cake. :)

Hannah said...

You look so CUTE in that picture!