Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 73 (A Snowy Day)

Late last night Tyler knocked on my door and proclaimed the words, "It's snowing". Now maybe in many areas, those words instantly mean a foot of snow the next morning, but when living in Oregon though, those words always come with a grain of salt, especially if the weather forecast is iffy on that matter. The weatherman never get it right here when it comes to snow. ;) Or at least, they'll predict numerous inches and then we get half an inch... which has happened twice this year already. 

But today was glorious. We got five inches... really just the right amount. Not laborious to walk through, but plenty for sledding, snowballs and snowmen. And making everything look like a wintery wonderland! I love how snow transforms everything into something special and it hides all the blemishes... all the mud dissapears, and everything is magical!


Leah V. said...

Oh, hooray! SNOW! Yes, I quite agree, snow makes everything picturesque. Thanks for sharing with us!

Sara The Farmerette said...

I'm glad we both got snow this year!

Leah V. said...

Yes, although you got quite a bit more than we did!