Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67

1. Fresh flowers by the sink from Scott
2. & 3. My bedroom, before & after
4. Some Ssculpy treasures from who knows how long ago... I found while moving things into the desk. I think Tyler made the Vegietale characters... whereas apparently I made baskets.
5. Sick boy and his horse
6. The sick boy's view while he had my phone
7. Sophie peaking out from underneath Mom's covers
8. Baby lamb
9. Brutus the goat and Violet the ewe fight over the grain bucket
10. Not pictured - taking an impromptu 30 minute nap in the sunshine, planting peas (yay!), picking up chicken feed at the feed store, being blessed by a new cleaning gal*

 *We have a cleaning gal (or housekeeper if you want to sound sophisticated!) thanks to mom's accident, and our beloved gal, Sonya, said she needed to cut back hours. God graciously provided us with another gal to help out. We are so thankful as we quickly get behind. The boys and I just can't replace Mom when it comes to cleaning and running the house!


Janelle said...

What a sweet little lamb and pretty flowers!

rebekah said...

Your room looks great, Sara! And the orchid looks delightful!!

Sara The Farmerette said...

Thanks! And yes, the lamb is super sweet and cute. :)