Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83

1. Taking Rebekah to the train station - Which included the following - getting up super early in case we ran into traffic from this. Thankfully we only had about 20 minutes of sitting in traffic. Which as we found out later could've been avoided if we had come the direct route instead of following detours. oops.
2. Coming home from #1 - Still had about 2 inches of snow this morning. So beautiful.
3. Doesn't everyone have chickens in their hanging baskets? - Seriously. Our bantam hens lay their eggs in our two porch baskets.
4. Beautiful wood burnings at Woodcrafters 
5. At the bank in Canby - Okay,funny story. We had just pulled up and we see this car park that has SECURITY in big words on the side. Then out steps a man who can't be younger than 70 and shuffled across the parking lot towards the bank. I'm afraid Mom and I laughed for a good five minutes.
6. What else happened- Driving down a deserted 213 on the way home from the train station. Seriously, I saw two cars on the stretch between the closure and Beavercreek. Dr Z again, buying a router plunge base at Woodcrafters, enjoying the sunshine, hearing horror stories of traffic in OC, Jared U spending the night, watching Mamma Mia with Dad & Tyler, finding a bit of leftover chocolate cake for a late night snack, Thanking the Lord for His peace which surpasses all understanding... I lost it at some point this week, and He has graciously renewed my spirit this evening...

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