Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekly round up

This week in pictures:

1. Learning how to use a router
2. The sheets I would make my mommy buy me if I was five. Sniff. Please, mommy, please?
3. Running errands in style (ie, my out and about outfit.- Brown coat, denim skirt, brown boots.
4. Daniel & Jacob playing on the rope pyramid thingy at the park.
5. Texting Ellen & Sally about my skinny jeans. Ssh.
6. Started the week out with a wedding.
7. Soap making with friends. Too much fun.
8. Delicatta squash & bacon soup and smoked Gouda at the park. It was cold, but the soup was oh so warm and yummy!

1 comment:

Emily Grace said...

Your soap-making picture looks way too much like your squash soup picture! Eeps!