Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The newest member of our cast

 Please join us in welcoming Brutus!

Brutus was graciously given to us by our friends the Paynes.
We are hoping that he will be insturmental in eating weeds in the pasture.
Fingers are crossed that he might, just might, eat some thistles.

Which, if it wasn't for that promising thought and the fact that he's extremely friendly,
he might not still be ours.

I believe his escape count is so far at 5.
This is why we swore we would never get a goat!
This only includes escaping far enough to eat the roses around the house.
Not the times hes escaped from one pasture to the other!

Also the sheep were hilarious. It might take a while for him to gain their acceptance.
He trotted after them wanting to be friends and they would run away in horror.
Then when he turned around and started walking away, they would timidly follow him. 
Even though they were sure he would kill them any minute.
Curiosity might have just killed a sheep, let alone a cat.

Well, that's all for right now. Sorry for the bullet point writing, but my brains fritzed tonight!

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Ellen said...

hahah Love his name.