Saturday, October 8, 2011


Did you know that the phrase Tah-dah comes from the Hebrew word for thank you? At least I think it does. Because I've been learning some Hebrew (well, kind of, but not really) and in Hebrew "Thank you" sounds like Toh-Dah. At least to me it does. Aren't you glad you learned that? Although, here I mean it in the traditional American sense of "Look at this accomplishment!"

And now I have to go investigate a VERY loud purr that just started from my wardrobe. Just a sec. Okay, purring investigated. And yes, there is a cat in my wardrobe. And, yes, it really is a wardrobe  just like in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Although I don't keep fur coats in it. Just furry cats. Sometimes.

Anyways, I digress.

The house in it's current glory! We still need to paint the door.
And we are hoping to add shutters in the not to distant future.
And as long as we're talking big... 
expand the porch out and put in more landscaping. :)
Oh, and a bench swing! Definitely need one of those....

Also, notice the lights on either side of the door?

They started looking out like this. Stained and simply hideous brass. 
In fact, I rescued them from the garbage!

But add a little spray paint magic, and they're beautiful!

I love them so much now. Yay!


Ellen said...

oooh chic

rebekah said...

Nice job on the lamps, Sara!