Monday, October 10, 2011

Laurelhurst: Explored

Today we explored Laurelhurst neighborhood. It's one of those neighborhoods that we always drive through and think.. "we should walk here sometime". Well, today we did. We mostly walked through the parks, but we did put in some house spotting.

1. Unusual double peaked dormer. Daniel disliked the "messy" ivy haning over the garage door.
2. A very rambly many storied house.
3. Mediterranean inspired house with a owl weather vane on a tower. Awesome.
4. The house of mystery.  The lawn was basically a meadow. And I think we counted 10 chimneys.
5. Close up. Where the front door should have been there was an elaborate grille work box around it. Also, now that I checked out on zillow, it sounds like it has a ballroom....and it was quite better looking when it was sold! Later: I just found this article on it.. It's called the Bitar House and this link has some awesome pictures.
6. The house that is for sale that we imagined buying. Apparently it was built for a former Portland Mayor and Senator...

Laurelhurst park was beautiful. 
Here we are setting off in search for the elusive play ground that we saw a sign for. 
It never appeared. Sadness.

We were very amused to see puffball ducks in the pond... 
Maybe they were somebody's pet?

Mental Note: We should go back here in a couple of weeks when the trees begin to turn color.

Jacob made friends with someone's pet lion. :)


elizabeth embracing life said...

I love this area. The homes get lost with a quick drive by, but walking those streets, you see the historical beauty of these homes. Mmmmm oh to dream.

Sara The Farmerette said...

It makes me want to pretend to be buying a house, just so I have an excuse to look at them !

rebekah said...

I really like the Bitar House. How fun! You should take me walking in that area next visit...:)

Amanda Evans said...

We went to Laurelhurst Park during the Big Snow when I was like 5 or something. I remember being afraid we would slide into the pond that was at the bottom of the hill we were sliding down. Don't remember much else. I bet it's smaller than I remember.

Sara The Farmerette said...

I bet the hill is smaller than you remember...;) but the park is really quite big!

Maybe we should go there in November with the Hannahs?