Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random links of various interests

Just a few links that I thought would be fun to share....

First off, The Art Of Clean Up is pretty awesome. It's written in Spanish, but the main idea seems to be that he takes ordinary scenarios (parking lot, or a fir branch) and organizes them.

Second, I just discovered this, Semester at Sea. I want to do the Summer 2013 trip. England, Europe & Egypt! Yes please. Although, it is lacking Holland, France and Germany. But that's okay, it would be a good intro, right?

Third, if you like to travel, I just discovered this blog, Prêt à Voyage. Very fun! I'm enjoying her posts about {Un}glamorous Paris.

And one more thing, if you like dollhouses, you might want to check out this Dollhouse Challenge. I've always loved anything miniature and I do have a dollhouse I could decorate. So it looks awesome. (I'm not doing the challenge though, I already have too many projects going on....)


Leah V. said...

The Art of Cleanup was great! I especially got a kick out of the fruit salad one -when I noticed that he even took the spots off the bowl!

Sara The Farmerette said...

Wow! I didn't notice that. That's awesome.