Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 359 - Christmas Eve

1. Scott and I surprised Juli at work. He bought her a mocha, or something like it. ;)
2. What else? It was a crazy day. We basically had NO presents wrapped given the craziness of the month. Mom and I spent what little energy she had in the morning trying to sort out presents to get wrapped, but she crashed before we could get them all sorted. Basically we sorted them into two piles, one for the older siblings to wrap and one for the younger siblings to wrap. And yes, I kept on holding a blanket over the various boxes so that I could avoid seeing my presents!
Then we spent time wrapping presents and getting the house cleaned up for tomorrow.
Scott and I got to run a few last minute errands together, which was fun.
Then we came home to find out that Mom had caught the flu and was worn out from throwing up. Which meant we were calling the surgeon on Christmas Eve at dinner time to try and get a anti-nausea prescription and trying to figure out where there was a pharmacy open on Christmas eve.
Tyler had brought home Chinese food for dinner since that is our traditional Christmas eve outing, so that got put in the oven to stay warm. Between taking care of Mom and getting her prescriptions  we didn't have a traditional family dinner. But the food was yummy!

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