Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 346

1. Finally making some progress on re-caning my chair. 
2. It's Tyler's birthday! I came up and "kidnapped" him from work and we went to coffee at Singer Hill.
3. Then it was off to the grocery stores to gather ingredients for Black Forest Cake. Then I rushed home and attempted to make it, bake it and assemble it so we could eat it before midnight.
4. Juli came over for dinner and to help celebrate. And then left her keys in the car (she was rather distracted , see following point) so her parents were forced to drive down and join us for dessert.
5. A sad day after hearing about the shooting at Clackamas mall. Juli almost worked at the mall today, but Scott ended up going to the ER (nothing serious) so she found a sub and spent the day with him. But we had friends from church there, and boy, it sounded scary.
6. An exciting day after finding out that Mom is finally, finally, finally going to have some neck surgery. We've been waiting over 3 years for this news. Praise the LORD.

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