Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 351

1. Just realized I should post a photo of our stocking for old times sake... this will be the last time ever they are all together. Weird. But good.
2. A picture of real life right now. Jacob's spent the whole week lying on a foam pad in between the TV and the Tree, mostly watching movies or netflix; right now we're just starting Merlin. Tonka often lies next to him, right now he's lying behind the laundry basket. Mom's just starting to eat dinner as she was still napping when we ate ours. Dad and Andrew and Daniel are watching the game (49ers!) downstairs. I would normally be down there too, but was upstairs in case Jacob needed anything while Mom was sleeping.  Scott undoubtedly facetiming with Juli and Tyler is up at Huang's dorm spending the night.
3. What else? A great sermon at church, playing basketball!, catching chickens in the windstorm to take to auction tomorrow. And catching up on blogging.

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