Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 354

1. Jacob looking out at the hospital post doctor appointment.
2. Jacob and I enjoying our lunch in the kids wing.
3. What else? 

Today was interesting. 
When we woke up this morning we found out that poor Mom had spent all night throwing up in the hospital. Sounded just horrible. Then all the boys went off to their respective duties and Jacob and I headed up to the hospital for a post-op appointment. Afterwards while eating lunch, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to go to my dentist appointment that afternoon, since no one would be home with Jacob, so I had to call and cancel. I felt so badly, but with excuses such as I'm still up at a hospital in Portland, and my Mom's recovering from surgery in the hospital and my Dad's with her so there's no one to take care of Jacob as all the boys are at work/school, I felt like I had a good excuse. 

After our lunch, Jacob and I walked out to the car, where, oh horrors, he fell down. I had been walking by him the whole time we were out and about, just as a precaution against this very thing, and then when we were about 5 feet away from the car, I started walking ahead so I could open the door, and he slipped on what must of been a water/oil mixture. It hurt him bad. (nice English there, eh?) So I helped him to the car, and then I went through the rigamarole of finding the number and calling the doctors office to get a hold of the PA to make sure there wasn't anything I was supposed to do. And of course the reception is spotty and the internet was slow. There wasn't anything to do so we headed slowly home.

Now for the past two hours I had been trying to get ahold of Dad/Mom to find out if we could visit them after the doctors appointment, but they weren't answering their phones. So we headed towards the hospital hoping someone would call back. However, Jacob hurt so badly and was feeling so nauseated from the muscle spasms that he wasn't up to it. It was really sad to drive by the hospital and not be able to go in!

Then we had to stop in OC, so we could pick up Jacobs pain meds, and of course our normal pharmacy didn't have it. Then I had to go to another pharmacy, and they had it but it wasn't going to be ready for a while. Well, Jacob was more then ready to be home, so I arranged to Tyler to pick it up on his way home and we headed home. 

Once home, we got Jacob resettled on a mattress with a foam pad on top so he would be super comfortable, and I worked on dinner. I also had to keep trying to get him to drink a little so we could get pain meds down so he would feel better.

Tyler and Scott came home and we had a little dinner, and then Tyler headed up to the hospital to bring Dad a fresh change of clothes. By this time they had decided that Mom needed to spend another night as she was still having a hard time eating. 

Later that evening, once everyone was home, we facetimed Mom and Dad. Everyone was piled on Jacobs mattress so that he could see, when I realized that he was not looking well, at all. So I shooed everyone off, and grabbed a bowl. Well, the second I sat down next to him, he started to ahem, up chuck. I was able to swish the bowl under him and catch it all! And let me tell you, it was a really good thing. Because, drumroll, please. He was lying in front of directly eye level with, the Christmas tree. Yes The Tree. And he would have covered the Christmas tree with throw up. And what do you do with a tree decorated in such a way? So far no one I've asked has ever had to figure that out, and I pray I never do! So yeah, after we realized what had just barely not happened, there were huge sighs of relief and Praising the Lords. Whew.

The never ending day ended finally. Andrew and Daniel both slept in the family room with Jacob (I asked one to volunteer and neither one wanted to miss out) and I watched Toy Story (1&2) with them until 1am or so, when I determined that Jacob wasn't going to throw up the latest round of pain meds. Whew. Well, that's all folks!

(Full disclaimer... I'm actually writing this on 2/12/13.. but believe me, this is what I would have posted if I had felt up to it.)

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