Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 210 (Sunday)

1. Watching, what else, the Olympics!
2. What else? Weird stomach aches throughout the day.. almost didn't come to church, but they went away. Came home early though in case they came back... I think Andy had something like this last week. 

We are totally loving the Olympics here. It's amazing/scary how quickly you get used the idea of sitting in front of the TV all day... It's been fun to watch gymnastics with Andrew (and Daniel and Jacob) now that they have gymnastics experience under their belt. Mostly there's a lot of "OH THAT'S SO HARD!" being exclaimed. I dig the swimming/diving also. 

Laura and I also have a little joke going on right now about finding an Olympic sport that we could compete in for the next one... current considerations are - badminton, rowing, shooting, archery, table tennis, fencing, etc... you know all the ones you don't have to be a) a shrimp or b)super young! I think I'd go for shooting or rowing at this point. Although, I always wanted to be on the swimming team when I was younger...

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