Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 196 (Saturday)

1. On our way to get pigs(!) Scott and I encountered a road closure... we were wondering how much of a closer it really was, so he ventured past and we saw that it really was closed, but he had to take a picture as proof of his daring-do.
2. A lovely gravel road detour we took courtesy of google maps. It reminded both of us of California gold country.
3. Pigs! At the pig farm
4. Mama pig and her piglets under a persimmon tree. I bought four of her piglets.
5. Driving past a buffalo farm
6. Pigs (my very own!),. They are about two months old, 3/4 Gloucester Old Spot (GOS) and 1/4 Tamworth (If I remember right) and all males. 
7. Jeffrey Allen- Mom and I have been wanting to go into this store for a long time. We finally went in and what a surprise. It's a store full of beautiful Chinese home decorations furniture. Like a little museum!
8. What else? A baby shower for Hannah F, running errands with Mom all afternoon and Cal & Rebekah F arriving late that night for the weekend. This was my Facebook status:
Busy day today! Left the house at 8am to go pick up four baby pigs (!), came home got them settled in and rushed off to a baby shower, then ran errands for 5 hours, came home, convinced the pigs that instead of running around the pasture they really did want to stay in their pen (while trying to not ruin my dress), then spent time fixing the pen, had a quick dinner and then it was time for the evening round of farm chores (which finally ended at 9:15). And then the day ended with ice cream and Calvin &Rebekah arriving. Yay! But, my goodness, I think I'm going to be dead by the time summer ends.

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