Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198

1. The processing trailer all set up. We hosted/helped present a  class on how to processing your own chickens today through OSU. 
2. Laura from OSU talking about new regulations
3. Some table decorations
4. PIGS! (technically this should be old news as I got them on Saturday, but I haven't had a chance yet to blog about Saturday, so here they are!) Our new night time entertainment is watching them eat dinner.... and our morning one was watching them try and snooze in the sun. There's four of them, they all want to lie in a row, and no one wants to be on the end! So each one took turns realizing he was on the end, would get up walk around and then plop down on top of the middle two. Then a minute later, the next one would repeat the process. It was amusing.
5. What else? Spending the day getting ready for the class, giving a little farm tour, making ice cream  with Rebekah F (oh yes, they were visiting!) for afterwards, making watermelon lemonade (yum!), saying goodbye to Rebekah, having dinner with the class and teachers, cleaning up, farm chores, Jason and Ellen arriving (yay!). 

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