Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 188

1-3 Woodworking! My rough and tumble jig for the router. Detail of the mortise and tenons. Completed one door's worth or mortises & tested them out with mock tenons. They are starting to look like carriage doors, I'm so excited!
4. The Buckeroo! with Tyler & Kenneth H. 
5. The arena
6. Cowgirls!
7. This is one of my favorite parts... when the cowgirls ride intricate patterns. Love it.
8. Buckin' Broncs
9. The announcers booth... real high tech... the person on the right has just lowered by string a clipboard of papers to an official down below. 
10. What else? Stuffing my face with a GIANT elephant ear. Tyler didn't realize how big they were... we couldn't finish it!

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Leah V. said...

Hooray for rodeo (AND, perhaps more importantly, giant elephant ears!!)!